What is Yourphone.exe in Windows 10? Learn Everything

With 400 million users, Windows 10 has become the most popular operating system in the world. It is the most powerful operating system and more complex too. However, the user interface is extremely intuitive.

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Windows 10 has various system processes, and apps and Yourphone.exe is one of them. Windows 10 users must have seen it in their task manager, but they don’t know what it is. Loaded with a lot of features, it was added in the latest updates of Windows 10 by Microsoft.

In windows 10, Microsoft has introduced the Phone App, a new feature that allows users to connect their phone with windows 10 and receive notifications on the desktop.

What is Yourphone.exe in Windows 10

#1 What is Yourphone.exe in Windows 10?

Yourphone.exe is the name of the process in Windows 10 that indicates that the “Your Phone” application is running in the background. Your Phone is the name of the recent application developed by Microsoft.

It is neither malware nor a virus. It is intended for iOS and Android phones and allows the users to receive and send pictures without e-mailing and make phone calls, that too, without taking the mobiles out of pocket. It provides control to some of the basic features of the smartphone.

In simple words, Yourphone.exe in Windows 10 links your phone and computer to unlock cross-device experiences.

Introducing Your Phone App

Bear in mind that you need a constant internet connection on both digital devices (phone and computer) in order to use this app. Moreover, it is important to activate the windows 10 operating system to Remove Windows 10 Watermark and enable certain features. If Windows 10 is not activated, some apps and features stop working.

#2 Is YourPhone.exe Process a Virus?

Many users who don’t know about Yourphone.exe might think it is malware or a virus. The process running in the background makes them believe that some virus has attacked the machine. But this is not the case. Since Microsoft is the publisher, it is a legit process.

However, some viruses can disguise themselves to Yourphone.exe process, so; it is recommended to install an anti-virus program in order to protect your PC.
If you are worried about the performance of your machine, then remember it does not negatively affect the performance.

However, if you are using a low-end machine, then you can disable it from your PC.
Simply put, it is not harmful to your device, and there is nothing to worry about.

#3 How to Disable YourPhone.exe from running in the background?

Your Phone is a built-in app in Windows 10 that allows syncing of files between PC and mobile phone. It enables you to transfer data (videos, calls, images, contacts, email, etc.) from your phone to PC and vice versa. YourPhone.exe uses only 1% of the CPU capacity and is a completely harmless app. However, many users do not feel comfortable seeing it running in the task manager.

Microsoft Your Phone

So, if you insist on terminating it, here are a few steps to follow. The first thing you need to do is to go to the start menu. Fix the errors if the Windows 10 Start menu not working. Then

• Click on “settings.”
• Choose “privacy.”
• Scroll down the left side menu and locate background apps.
• Now scroll down to find the “Your Phone” app.
• Uncheck the app
• Now restart your device.
• Now it will no longer be running in the background.

#4 How to Remove Your Phone app from Windows 10?

YourPhone.exe sometimes shows up in the task manager, and if it worries you, then there are different ways to get rid of it. If you want to remove it completely from your phone, then follow the instructions given below:

#1 Method 1: using windows PowerShell

• Go to the start menu.
• Type “power shell.”
• Now copy the command that will be given here and press “Enter.” The application will be removed successfully.
• Restart the device and check if it is still running or not.

#2 Method 2: disabling the app

• Go to the start menu.
• Open windows settings
• Go to privacy and then select background apps.
• Now you will see a list of the apps that run in the background.
• Scroll down to find “Your Phone.”
• There will be a slider in front of the app. Click it to the “off” position.

Now the app is completely deleted from your PC, which means it will not be able to run in the background. If you reboot the device, it will not appear again until you open it yourself. Since it is a legit process, it does not impact your PC negatively. We suggest not deleting it. In case you change your mind, you can still open the app.

#5 Re-install the app:

You need to understand that Your Phone is a built-in app in windows to light up multiple cross-device experiences. It links your mobile and PC and sends notifications of the activities on these devices.

The users must understand which apps are worth installing and which should be uninstalled immediately. Since Yourphone.exe runs in the background, it should not bother you at all. If you have uninstalled the app and now want to continue using it, then you can reinstall it.

The process of re-installing the app is pretty simple. Just go to the Microsoft store for windows 10. Search for the “Your Phone” app and download it. Then install it on the PC, and that’s it.

Re-install the app

After re-installing the app, link it to your phone and receive notifications of all activities. Whenever you receive any e-mails, calls, or messages, the program icon will flash in the Windows 10 taskbar. Windows 10 Taskbar not Hiding means a program or app needs your attention.

#6 Conclusion

Windows have many built-in apps such as LockApp.Exe and Your Phone etc. that runs in the background. But many users get worried when they see them in the task manager as they think this is some kind of virus.

Now you know what Yourphone.exe exactly is and what it does with your PC. It is not malware or a virus, so it would not harm your device whatsoever. But it is recommended to install anti-virus to protect devices.

We have provided you with the details on how you can uninstall the app if it is bothering you. Removing the app will stop users from syncing their phones with windows. However, it is safe to remove it from the computer as it is not a core system component.

If you think you need the app again, then re-install it by following the instructions given above? When you have it on the phone, it becomes easy for you to do many tasks keeping the phone inside the pocket. Well, that’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

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