Queen of the South Season 6 Release Date, Cast & Trailer Cancelled

Queen of the South Season 6: In April, viewers of the USA Network blockbuster series Queen of the South on Netflix caught up on the most recent episodes in a marathon session. The Queen of the South will end with its upcoming sixth season, so fans shouldn’t hold their breath. In the summer of 2021, the USA Network aired the first fresh episodes of Queen of the South, right about the time when word spread that the show had been cancelled.

In Queen of the South, Alice Braga plays Teresa Mendoza, a lady who rises from obscurity to head a drug organization. Millions of fans have tuned in for the show’s nail-biting escapades, making it a surprise success for Netflix.

Queen of the South Season 6 Release Date, Cast & Trailer Cancelled

What happened in The Queen of the South Seasons 1 to 5?

The show centers around Teresa Mendoza. She’s more than just a fighter; she’s extraordinary. She started off as a money changer in Sinaloa, but now she runs a drug empire that supplies much of the world with cocaine through operations in Arizona and outposts in Florida, Louisiana, New York City, Georgia, and Europe. Her presence in Season 6 of Queen of the South is much anticipated by viewers.

The romance between Teresa and James is the best slow burn on modern television. Teresa works for him, and he provides invaluable lessons on the realities of the corporate world.

In season 2, Teresa Mendoza wants to win over Camila Vargas to establish her value. While her husband works to shut down the cartel and bring Camila back home, Camila has her hands full keeping the business running. When the Mexican cartel threatens her life, Teresa flees to the United States. Now that she’s on her own and must begin from zero, she must tackle the daunting task of constructing an empire.

In Season 3, she moves her company operations to Phoenix, Arizona. This strengthens her grip on the supply route between Colombia, Cuidadan, and the United States. Taking down a few of her competitors along the way.

Showrunners Daily Rodriguez and Ben Lobato took over for Season 4 of Queen of the South. Following Natalie Chaidez’s departure, they were elevated to the positions of executive producer and showrunner. With her leadership of a smuggling enterprise stretching from Sinaloa to Phoenix, Miami, and New Orleans, Teresa moves closer to the Throne this season. Later, she pushes her operation to New York City and negotiates with Russian mafias.

Teresa has been able to avoid trouble throughout the entirety of the show’s first two seasons. She’s still after Toa and Salazar, but she doesn’t give a hoot about how they feel.

She is immune to this attack. When El Gordo betrayed his superiors and allied himself with her, he gave her a second chance at life. She established herself in New York during Queen of South Season 6 and then moved to Europe during Season 5.

Teresa’s ultimate goal is to reach the point where she is “too big to fail.” The plans, however, are derailed by an adversary from her CIA days.

Teresa’s family continues to suffer losses during this season. But love finds her anyway, despite the odds. After the CIA starts using her as a pawn, she decides to fake her own death and escape the narco lifestyle for forever.

Name of TV SeriesQueen of the South Season 6
GenreCrime Drama
Lead RoleAlice Braga
Total Seasons5
Total Episodes62
Queen of the South Season 6 Release DateN/A
Queen of the South Season 6 TrailerN/A

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Queen of the South Season 6 Cancellation Confirmed?

Queen of the South Season 6 Cancellation Confirmed

The sixth season of Queen of the South will not be airing. USA Network made the announcement in August, a few months after the debut of the fifth season.

A month before the fifth and last season of Queen of the South was set to air in 2021, the show was cancelled in March. After 62 episodes, the series ended on USA Network on June 9, 2021.

When NBCUniversal decided to reduce the number of original scripted series it was producing for USA Network, it cancelled the sixth season of Queen of the South. The company’s new plan is to create scripted shows primarily for Peacock and make the United States its base for reality TV.

The show was developed by both 20th Century Fox Television and Universal Content Productions, a division of NBCUniversal. Since Disney took over 20th Television, however, Queen of the South is no longer part of that company.

Why was the Queen of the South Season 6 canceled?

Why was the Queen of the South Season 6 canceled

About a month before Season 5’s premiere in April 2021, Netflix announced that it would be the last. In a press release, Frances Berwick, chairwoman of Entertainment Networks (the company that owns the USA), said, “For five fantastic seasons, Queen of the South has enthralled us with brilliant narrative and compelling characters.”

We’re thankful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with 20th Television and UCP, as well as the show’s brilliant writers, actors, and other members of the production staff. As we wrap out this saga, we anticipate a fantastic season that will culminate in a satisfying conclusion for our devoted audience. The show was USA’s highest-rated original drama until its cancellation.

The sixth season of Queen of the South was scrapped since the network no longer had the resources to produce original shows. At the time of its demise, only Queen of the South, The Sinner, and Dirty John remained as original dramas airing on television. No third season of Dirty John has been confirmed, and as of November 2021, The Sinner has been cancelled.

The United States of America did run the first season of Chucky in late 2021 (which it shared with Syfy), but it has not yet been announced whether or not it will air a second season.

Is season 6 of Queen of the South returning to Netflix? As far as the rules go, yes. However, they have failed to do so with any of the successful US series that they have produced, such as Dare Me. Moreover, despite its popularity, there has been no talk of a Netflix return since the show ended its run in the United States about a year ago.

Dailyn Rodriguez, the co-showrunner, told Deadline that she was overjoyed to finally be able to end the show the way she wanted to. She remarked, “Ending the series in this way offered me a huge amount of serenity. There’s a lot of beauty hidden underneath the darkness and violence of our show, which has a really terrible beginning with what happens to Teresa in the pilot.

When it came time to wrap out the series, “The Wire” shot in sunny and beautiful Southern California. However, they witnessed nothing that even somewhat resembled the show’s content. The resolution was fantastic. The setting is unlike anything we’ve ever seen on the show; it’s a gorgeous, sunny place. Very satisfying on an emotional level.


Will there be a Queen of the South Season 6?

There has been no official announcements regarding a sixth season of Queen of the South. The series concluded with its fifth season, which aired in 2021. However, it is always possible that the show’s creators or network may decide to revisit the story or develop a spin-off in the future.

Where can I watch Queen of the South Season 6 if it gets released?

If Queen of the South Season 6 is eventually produced and released, it would likely be available on the USA Network, which aired the previous seasons. Additionally, the series might also be accessible on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu, depending on the region and distribution agreements.

What was the storyline of Queen of the South up to Season 5?

Queen of the South is an action-packed crime drama series that follows the journey of Teresa Mendoza, a woman forced to flee from a Mexican drug cartel and seek refuge in the United States. Over the course of the series, Teresa rises through the ranks of the criminal underworld, ultimately becoming a powerful and feared drug lord in her own right. The show explores themes of power, loyalty, and survival while showcasing the challenges and complexities of life in the drug trade.

Who are the main cast members of Queen of the South?

The main cast of Queen of the South includes Alice Braga as Teresa Mendoza, Veronica Falcón as Camila Vargas, Peter Gadiot as James Valdez, Hemky Madera as Pote Galvez, and Joaquim de Almeida as Don Epifanio Vargas. The show also features various other talented actors in supporting and guest roles throughout its five-season run.


While there has been no official confirmation of a Queen of the South Season 6, the series has left a lasting impression on its viewers with its engaging storyline, compelling characters, and thrilling action. The show’s five-season run has taken audiences on a rollercoaster ride through the life of Teresa Mendoza, capturing her rise to power in the treacherous world of drug cartels.

Although the series has concluded, its impact and popularity will continue to be felt by fans and newcomers alike, who can still enjoy the gripping narrative by streaming the existing seasons on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu.

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