P Valley Season 3 Release Date, Cast & Plot

P Valley‘s success began even before the premiere of its second season. Fans are holding out hope for a third season despite Starz’s silence on the matter. Mercedes Woodbine, a seasoned dancer, is the protagonist of P-Valley, which takes place in the famous Mississippi strip club Pynk. Uncle Clifford Sayles, who was instrumental in the development of the Pynk, is also introduced.

Then there’s Gidget (Skyler Joy), Miss Mississippi (Shannon Thornton), and Autumn Night (Elarica Johnson). Fans were worried that P Valley would be cancelled when Season 2 ended, despite the fact that production on Season 3 had already begun.

P-Valley, a gripping drama series set in the Mississippi Delta, has taken the television landscape by storm with its engaging storylines and memorable characters. Created by Katori Hall, the show centers around the lives of dancers and staff at a strip club named The Pynk, delving into their personal and professional struggles as they navigate the complex world of the Southern strip club scene.

With two successful seasons under its belt, fans are eagerly awaiting news about P-Valley Season 3. In this article, we will discuss some frequently asked questions related to the release date, cast, and potential plot of the upcoming season

P Valley Season 3 Release Date, Cast & Plot

What’s P valley All About?

P-Valley, which launched on Starz in 2020, is an original series. Pynk is a world-famous strip club in Mississippi, and the story centers on the staff and regulars who frequent the establishment. P-Valley has received high marks for its broad cast of characters and its accurate depiction of the strip club sector. The second season of the show will premiere in 2021 after being renewed for that year.

In the first season of P-Valley, we were introduced to the staff of the Pynk strip club, including seasoned dancer Mercedes Woodbine, club owner Uncle Clifford Sayles, and dancers Miss Mississippi, Autumn Night, and Gidget. Characters’ professional and personal lives were explored throughout the season, and the finale ended on a cliffhanger that begged for a continuation.

P-Valley has returned for a second season. Starz has not yet revealed when the third season of P Valley will be available to stream. Nevertheless, the first two seasons’ production schedules suggest that the third installment will debut in 2023.

If you enjoy dramas with deep characters and storylines, you should definitely check out P-Valley. Fans of P-Valley can’t wait for season three, which promises to be as as exciting as previous seasons.

Series NameP valley Season  3
Total Seasons 2
Country of OriginUSA
Original NetworkStarz
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P Valley Season 3 Release Date

P Valley Season 3 Release Date

Due to production delays, there was a two-year gap between Seasons 1 and 2, with the first season premiering on July 12, 2020 and Season 2 making its premiere on June 3, 2022. If Starz renews P-Valley soon after Season 2’s end and production concerns are avoided, fans may not have to wait as long for Season 3. Nothing is set in stone until Season 3 is approved, although the launch date may be as early as the summer of 2023.

P Valley Season 3 Cast: Who is Returning?

  • Brandee Evans as Mercedes Woodbine
  • Dan J Johnson as Corbin Kyle
  • Dominic DeVore as Duffy
  • Harriett D. Foy as Patrice Woodbine
  • J Alphonse Nicholson as LaMarques/Lil Murda
  • Jordan M. Cox as Derrick Wright
  • Morocco Omari as Big L
  • Nicco Annan as Uncle Clifford Sayles
  • Parker Sawyers as Andre Watkins
  • Psalms Salazar as Whisper
  • Shannon Thornton as Keyshawn Harris/Miss Mississippi
  • Skyler Joy as Gidget
  • Tyler Lepley as Diamond

Season 2’s ending could affect the cast’s future, but Elarica Johnson, Brandee Evans, Harriett D. Foy, and Skyler Joy are all likely to return for Season 3. There’s a good likelihood that both Nicco Annan and Shannon Thornton will be back, and there’s also room for additional cast members.

P-Valley creator Katori Hall thought it was cool to have Megan Thee Stallion appear in an episode during Season 2. The possibility of Cardi B coming to The Pynk to film a scene would be “awesome,” she remarked. This follows Cardi B’s tweet indicating her desire to make an appearance on the show in 2021.

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P Valley Season 3 Plot Speculation

P Valley Season 3 Plot

P-Valley’s second-season conclusion left the door open for several intriguing character arcs in the show’s prospective third season. Uncle Clifford and Lil’ Murda may have taken their relationship public at Ernestine’s celebration, therefore the following episode could focus on them.

Murda’s decision to stop touring with Tina Snow has a direct effect on his rapping career. Currently, Clifford is hard at work developing the Pynk, after having successfully negotiated with Corbin to have the strip club connected to his planned casino. After stealing over $40,000 from the business and running away, Autumn left the company deeply in debt.

Mercedes, on the other hand, is anticipating retirement so that she can devote more time to her kid. When she finally finishes at the Pynk, though, where will she go? Hall has big plans for Mercedes’s future: “I want her to have everything,” she once declared. I hope she has a nice bond with her young lady. I hope she has a nice relationship with her mom; I think they could benefit from couples counselling to work out their communication issues.

Keyshawn’s efforts to flee with their children are thwarted when her abusive spouse Derrick contacts child protective services, which could be explored in the upcoming season of the show. She eventually dials Diamond for assistance, but in the show’s climactic moments, Big Bone and Big Bawse kidnap him. The death of Montavius is probably related to this.

Is P valley Season 3 worth watching?

Reviews and ratings are important factors for many viewers when deciding which shows to watch. Don’t think twice about tuning in to P Valley if you’re considering doing so; the show enjoys consistently good ratings and praise from critics and viewers alike on review aggregators like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

When Will the Season 3 Trailer for P Valley Be Released?

Since P Valley was not picked up for a third season, there has been no release of the trailer for Season 3. Keep checking back for more information on the release date of the P Valley Season 3 trailer.


When is P-Valley Season 3 expected to be released?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there has been no official announcement regarding the release date of P-Valley Season 3. However, the show’s creators and the network may provide updates in the future, so it’s essential to stay tuned for any news.

Will there be any new cast members in Season 3?

It is too early to confirm any new cast members for P-Valley Season 3, as there has been no official announcement about the upcoming season. However, if the show is renewed, it’s possible that we could see some new faces joining the existing ensemble cast.

Where can I watch P-Valley Season 3 when it is released?

P-Valley has been available for streaming on the Starz network since its debut. If Season 3 is eventually produced and released, it is highly likely that it will be available on Starz as well.

What can we expect from the storyline of P-Valley Season 3?

Since there has been no official confirmation about Season 3, it’s difficult to predict the storyline. However, if the show is renewed, we can expect further exploration of the characters’ lives and their relationships, as well as more insight into the challenges and triumphs faced by the dancers and staff at The Pynk.


The reality show P Valley has garnered a massive following. P Valley’s last two seasons have been critically acclaimed, so fans are naturally curious about the show’s next season premiere date.

Fans of P Valley want to know when season three will start after they have finished the second season. The production firm has not yet announced when Season 3 of P Valley will premiere, so check back here for the latest information.

Although there is no official word on P-Valley Season 3, fans can remain hopeful for news in the future. The series has consistently captivated viewers with its engaging plot, memorable characters, and unique setting. Until any announcements are made, fans can continue to enjoy the existing seasons of P-Valley on Starz and look forward to any potential updates on the highly anticipated Season 3.

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