TOP 10 Best SSL Certificate Providers in 2022

You must have encountered an SSL Error ” ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR “ at some point and questioned what it means. Whether you have the answer to this question or not, you most probably know that it plays an essential role in the online world.

You must know the importance of having SSL Certificates if you want to earn through internet marketing. Especially, if you want to leave a significant footprint of your business online. In this article, we would learn the best options to get yourself an SSL certificate with details.

Best SSL Certificate Providers Reviews

#1 What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is a small data file that digitally puts a lock to confidential details of an organization. How? By putting a cryptographic key to function. When you install it on a web server, the HTTPS protocol and the padlock get activated.

An SSL allows the system to form secure connections between a web server and a browser. Without it, your customers and other site visitors are at a high risk of having their important data stolen. Also, the security of your site is at risk in absence of any encryption check.

#2 Best SSL Certificate Providers 2022

#1 Namecheap SSL

Namecheap SSL Certificate Provider

They offer a wide variety of SSL service packs for a duration varying from 1 to 5 years. They provide single domain as well as multiple domain packs. Namecheap has separate packs for personal, eCommerce, and business which makes it convenient to choose which one to go for.

#1 Benefits

• Impressively cheap
• Wide variety of packs

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#2 The SSL Store – Cheapest SSL Certificate

The SSL Store Cheapest SSL Certificate

Not only do they offer excellent prices, but they also have other awesome advantages over other providers. They provide various types of SSL Certificates so you can buy whichever type you require. Besides, because they offer SSL certificates from different service providers, you have plenty of options to choose from.

You can purchase certificates from DigiCert, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Comodo, and other similar brands from them.

#1 Benefits

• Many providers to choose from
• Best deals

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#3 RapidSSL – Reliable SSL Certificate Provider

RapidSSL – Reliable SSL Certificate Provider

GeoTrust, which is another provider of SSL owns RapidSSL. The logic in this business model is that GeoTrust concentrates on corporate giants. Whereas, RapidSSL aims to provide services for smaller businesses that have lower budgets. Therefore, if you are cost-sensitive, you can find some of the best deals with RapidSSL.

#1 Benefits

• Very cheap
• Works under GeoTrust’s worldwide infrastructure
• Tools for installation are provided as part of the package

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#4 Comodo – Low-Cost SSL Certificate Provider

Comodo Low-Cost SSL Certificate Provider

They provide highly affordable SSL services. Comodo has grown a lot in the past few years. They have been successful in satisfying customers with their service packs. So, if you are looking for a cheap SSL certificate with good customer reviews, this is it.

#1 Benefits

• Greatly affordable
• Upright customer support

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#5 SSL Certificate Provider

They are known to deliver the best services when it comes to SSL. seems to have cracked the code to make customers return to their services. They offer great customer services and have impressive support teams.

Of course, the thing that attracts the clients is their competitive pricing. But what keeps them coming backs to be a good user experience.

#1 Benefits

• Very affordable prices
• Excellent customer service

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#6 Godaddy SSL

Godaddy SSL Certificate Provider

You might know GoDaddy for providing web hosting service plans. However, it is also a renowned name when it comes to SSL services. Unlike other providers, they do not offer OV, EV, and DV certification at different costs. They have made them cost all the same at reasonably low price.

This pricing structure is based on whether you use the service for a single site, numerous sites. Also, a different category is devoted to domain with subdomain cover.

#1 Benefits

• Pricing structure would work great for some
• Super secure

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#7 DigiCert

DigiCert SSL Certificate Provider

Digicert has operated individually for several years in the past. However, in 2017, it completed an acquirement of website security with Norton. Also, it purchased related PKI solutions i.e. Public Key Infrastructure solutions. What do you think was the motivation behind this purchase?

It was that Norton had convinced 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies to buy the Norton Secured Seal. Now, they offer a wide variety of SSL services including basic SSL, secure site SSL, and secure site pro SSL. They also provide great SSL checker tools to the users.

#1 Benefits

• Appealing wildcard option
• Strengthened with Norton acquisition

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#8 GeoTrust

GeoTrust SSL Certificate Provider

GeoTrust was under VeriSign once and afterward, it was owned by Norton. Because of the sale operation of Norton, it can also be considered a part of DigiCert as of now. Their business works in three major areas. They are SSL certificates, Sign Services, and lastly, SSL for enterprise solutions.

Because of the good user experience, they have started to come out as one of the best SSL certificate providers.

#1 Benefits

• Excellent value on the high-end
• Alteration possible in enterprise solutions

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#9 ClickSSL- Cheap SSL Certificate Provider

ClickSSL Cheap SSL Certificate Provider

They are official partners with many top SSL certificate authorities and so can provide various services packages and deals. They offer great discounts on the purchase of their SSL products.

#1 Benefits

• Various options to compare
• Best deals

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#10 SSL2BUY – Global SSL Provider

SSL2BUY Global SSL Provider

It is an authorized reseller of topmost CAs. It offers a huge range of SSLs and that too at the lowest price available in the market. With the cheapest costs and good services, they have been able to gather many customers on their side.

#1 Benefits

• Very affordable
• Best deals

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#3 FAQ for Cheap SSL Certificate

#1 Why do I need an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates protect websites from data breaches, phishing scams, and other similar threats. Ultimately, an SSL certificate builds a safe environment for site owners as well as site visitors.

#2 Where can I buy an SSL certificate?

You can buy an SSL certificate online from any of the SSL certificate and service providers.

#3 Is an SSL certificate free?

It is not necessarily free. Most of the certificate providers demand a fee. However, some non-profit SSL certificate authorities offer a free SSL Certificate.

#4 Does SSL help in SEO?

Yes, it does. Some even agree that getting an SSL certificate is the easiest option to win the ‘game’ of SEO.

#4 Conclusion

SSL is a barrier between the information (of site owners and visitors) and any outside party that can misuse it. An SSL certificate is something that proves that your site is secure. Therefore, it becomes important to have an SSL certificate to gain the trust of your potential online customers.

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