TOP 10 Best Partition Software Reviews 2022

Partition management software helps one create, edit, split, merge, shrink, or merge the drives’ partitions. It is also possible to merge in on different storage devices and edit the file. The partition is a separate hard drive part using which you can divide the hard drive into sections.

You can change the name of the drives differently and name it as per convenience. Therefore, it is better to label it as per the file it contains. With the latest technological advancement, the computer system is becoming efficient, and the drive is one such instance.

Let us take you through some of the top-rated disk partition software in the following part of the article.

Best Partition Software Reviews

#1 Best Partition Software

#1 Tenorshare Partition Manager

Tenorshare Partition Manager

When in search of a hassle-free hard drive partition, it is none other than this software. It enables redistributing on the disk and arranges the partition as per convenience. You can use plenty of features on the software to make the most use of the partition. The options are created, format, delete, resize, and other functions make it a correct one.

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#2 IM-Magic Partition Resizer

IM-Magic Partition Resizer

The software enables easy disk partition and secures each partition. With the correct use of the latest technology, it is easy to make certain disk changes. The features to use copy, convert, resize, move, and the like.

This windows partition software takes few clicks and compatible with the Windows Operating system. You can expand or shrink the disk as suitable. The rollback power makes it secure to backup files even in an accidental system shut down problem.

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#3 Macrorit Partition Expert

Macrorit Partition Expert

If you are in search of free partition software, this is the one that enables extend, shrink and correct partition. It is better to use this software and perfect for home users from formatting partition space and managing low disk space.

This free software comes with advanced technology protection and an easy data recovery process. You can make a partition so that you will not lose data while working on the partitions. The partitioning program is convenient to use without installing anything on the system.

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#4 DiskGenius Partition Manager

DiskGenius Partition Manager

When data recovery becomes trouble, it is the above said one to try for suitable results. It enables easy backup and restores in just a few clicks with better disk utilities. Also, disk cloning is easy. If unable to work on a particular partition, it helps verify it quickly and repair the sectors quickly.

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#5 GNOME Partition Editor

GNOME Partition Editor

The GNOME is a free partition editor that manages disk partition well. On this, you can resize, copy, and paste the section without losing any data. It also enables functions like expanding or shrinking disk, creating new space on the operating system, or opting for quick data recovery from damaged partition parts.

Label partitions that make your task easy, and you can use the features on the files. It is compatible with Windows or Mac OS X. However, it requires a minimum of 320 MB RAM to use the partition features.

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#6 NIUBI Partition Editor

NIUBI Partition Editor

If you are looking for fast and safe partition software, it is NIUBI Partition Editor. It is compatible with Windows OS. This is a great innovation in the desk management industry to work with some latest and easy-to-use features.

The partition management enables working on different functionalities such as change, partition, format, delete and create, and others. It also enables easy file conversion from logical to primary, from MBR to GPT, and some other forms.

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#7 AOMEI Partition Assistant

AOMEI Partition Assistant

If you want to partition a hard drive without the problem of data loss, it is this software to use. It is free to use and compatible with various Windows operating systems. Before using its advanced version, you can use its free version and check the features.

This aomei partition assistant enables high protection with safe disk partitioning as per industry requirements. The disk partitions become to convert in the file format it supports. Features like partition format, clone disk, file transfer, create a new partition, this software is the best to use.

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#8 Acronis Disk Director Partition Management

Acronis Disk Director Partition Management

The above said one is packed with the latest features to manage data and create a partition on a hard drive. In this partition software, you can optimize, resize, move, and merge the parts without losing data. The disk cloning and editing are easy on this tool, and you can easily organize content as per convenience.

Some new features like extending hard disk support, compatible with the 4K hard drive disk conversion feature, make it a suitable one. You can also change disk status from online to offline and vice versa. The partition management software works the best as PC cleaning software where you can separate, arrange the disks and arrange the data. When cleaning PC of unnecessary data, you need not worry about data loss problems.

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#9 Paragon Partition Manager

Paragon Partition Managerc

The paragon partition manager software is the best to back up and restore data and helps in easy storage management. Separating disks, erasing data, and properly securing them enables to work with many features. You can move and switch between OS with this software.

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#10 EaseUS Partition Master

EaseUS Partition Master

The easeus partition master is a free software to partition disks, and it is compatible with many Windows versions work with. It helps in easy management of disk and frees up space without the problem of losing data.

Like animation software, you can use functionalities like create, clone, resize, move, merge, create, format, delete and wipe data with this software. Check errors on the partitions, and you can change the label easily.

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#2 The Ending Part

Therefore, disk partitioning enables using more than one operating system without the risk of data loss and the like. It enables easy backup and data restoration and securely manages the partition task. Even if you want to recover any partition that you delete accidentally, try to pick from top-rated partition software as listed above. Using a feature-packed one would be beneficial to use and efficiently handle the tasks on the disk.

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