TOP 10 Best Motion Graphics Software Reviews 2022

In layman’s words, motion graphics is animation. When graphic compositions create an illusion of motion, and we see things moving on the screen, we call it motion graphics. The software used for making these animations is known as Motion Graphics Software.

The market has a plethora of choices for motion graphics software these days. You will also find several free motion graphics software. Check motion graphics software reviews to pick the best one for you. Here is a list of the best animation software you can opt for.

Best Motion Graphics Software

#1 Best Motion Graphics Software Reviews 2021

#1 Maya

Maya Motion Graphics Software

Maya is one of the most widely used graphics software for creating world-class animations. It comes loaded with advanced features that make creating outstanding animation content possible and hassle-free.

#1 Features:

• It is available in industry standard 3D animation package
• It can deal with multiple objects and animations
• Maya is compatible with Python scripting language and Maya Embedded Language
• It comes with several video tutorials
• It offers a 64-bit support

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#2 Adobe Aftereffects

Adobe Aftereffects Motion Graphics Software

With Adobe Aftereffect, you can customize your content in any way you wish to. Using this excellent Adobe motion graphics software, you can turn the text upside down or add some rain to the frame. You can also remove some of the objects from the frame or add a few characters to the frame using this software.

#1 Benefits:

• You can easily remove any object from the video clip
• With this software, Rotoscoping becomes more intuitive, accurate, and hassle-free
• Turning any video into 3D animation is easier with Adobe Aftereffect.
• This software allows you to scale, position, and rotate 3D layers using a single tool

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#3 Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D Motion Graphics Software

One of the best graphic design software, Cinema 4D offers plenty of tools and features to make every animation outstanding. For creating breathtaking video content, professionals and beginners can rely on this software. Check out the excellent features that make it one of the best animation software on the market today.

#1 Features:

• It features easy to understand and intuitive operations that even beginners can control
• Cinema 4D comes with a logically arranged interface
• It features a customizable layout to fit individual user’s need
• It always remains upgraded
• Easy help options make doubt clearing faster
• You can save multiple versions of a screen in a single file

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#4 Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator Motion Graphics Software

If you are looking for the best Adobe animation software, this could be your one-stop solution. Adobe illustrator can help make mobile graphics, logos, book illustrations, icons, product packaging, billboards, and more. Use it on your desktop or iPad, this one is compatible with both.

#1 Benefits:

• This vector-based illustrator keeps each artwork crisp and high quality even when you scale it to larger sizes
• It offers you the ease of operating even when enjoying a sunset on the hilltop. You can work offline, and your artwork will sync with the cloud
• The Adobe Sensei AI turns hand-drawn sketches into vector graphics minus much hassle
• Creating smart content becomes easier with this illustrator as it offers an array of font styles, templates, graphics, and more.

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#5 Nuke

Nuke Motion Graphics Software

Regardless of the nature of the content, Nuke can help teams create pixel-perfect content minus much hassle. For more than two decades, Nuke has delivered quality content that marked excellence in every NYGoodHealth sphere. The toolset of Nuke is one of the best you can have for making superior quality graphics content.

#1 Features:

• 3D tracking, node-based compositing, and model building features of Nuke make it one of the best animation software.
• The resolution-independent processing and node graph of Nuke offers wider scopes for production houses
• Nuke offers built-in solutions like GPU acceleration, cutting edge toolkits, etc. to facilitate easy collaborations

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#6 Pixologic

Pixologic Motion Graphics Software

Give wings to your creativity with Pixologic. Powered with the best and the most advanced features, this one helps create stunning creative content. Whatever you wish to create, this software can help you in every way.

#1 Features:

• Mesh from Mask is a set of brushes available with this software that makes creating any figure easier
• Use the 2D alpha extrusion brushes to add more creative edge to your content
• You can use the SnakeCurve brushes to draw extraordinary figures
• The Ambient Occlusion is a rendering feature that makes it all more advanced and impactful

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#7 Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Motion Graphics Software

Turn any footage into social media worthy video content using Adobe Premier. The Adobe Sensei AI makes this software one of the best video animation software. You can integrate it easily with other apps and services.

#1 Features:

• It comes powered with Adobe Sensei Ai that makes video editing easier
• You can edit videos of any format, any platform, and taken with any camera with this software
• Adobe Premiere is perfectly compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Audition, After Effects, and Adobe Stock
• The easy tool kit makes it perfect for beginners as well

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#8 Blender

Blender Motion Graphics Software

From modeling, rigging, simulation, animation, compositing, rendering to motion tracking, Blender offers a full-spectrum solution for the 3D pipeline. You can also use this software for game creation and video editing. It is a free suit and yet not an iota less than any of the paid ones.

#1 Features:

• It comes with excellent rendering that makes any video content simply jaw-dropping
• It offers an extensive range of toolsets inclusive of sculpting, retopology, and more
• It is perfect for creating advanced animation
• Blender features powerful tools for simulation

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#9 Houdini

Houdini Motion Graphics Software

The node-based workflow of Houdini makes it one of the most efficient animation software. The artist-friendly tools of this software make sure that you get to depict all your creative aspirations in your animations or projects.

#1 Features:

• It comes with intuitive toolsets that allow viewport interactions
• The nodes offer easy options for each endeavor
• Its procedural workflow is perfect for making sophisticated animations

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#10 Natron

Natron Motion Graphics Software

Ideal for the visual effects and motion graphics industry, Natron is an open-source and cross-platform compositor. Its interface remains the same across all the operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux, and more.

#1 Features:

• It is flexible to work with and has a powerful GUI that can handle all your animation related requirements
• It comes with flexible Roto and Rotopaint toolsets capable of creating unlimited mask, shape, and matter layers
• Notron might seem a simple solution but supports multiple layers while generating animated content

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No matter if you are a professional or an amateur, all these are perfect as animation software. If you are looking for animation software for beginners or kids, choose the ones with a less complicated interface and easy help solutions.

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