Top 10 Best Instagram Tools Every Marketer Should Use in 2022

There’s no denying that marketers and business owners face a tremendous challenge in building their marketing strategy in the Instagram app. For an astute understanding, people must always consider spreading brand awareness, generating leads, building social proof, and increasing engagement to expand their brand in the community further.

It’s essential to mention that the Instagram app is arguably one of the fastest-growing social media platforms at present. As per a recent study conducted by Facebook, Instagram has a hit 78% of the users who find brands famous and influential on the platform, with a rough 74% even finding them relevant.

Best Instagram Tools Reviews

#1 What Are Instagram Tools?

To put it simply, Instagram tools can pack a punch with their many features and functionalities such as posting, scheduling, hashtag suggestions, analytics, data migration tool and many more. It’s essential to mention that the Instagram tools can significantly boost the brand awareness and product sales of many companies on Instagram.

Furthermore, it is only worth mentioning that a suitable tool can also offer productive advantages such as organic growth, automated publishing, intelligent scheduling, powerful analytics, and many more. Definitively speaking, Instagram Marketing tools have become a must-have option for digital marketers to increase their followers, better understand their audience, and engage with the audience.

#2 Best 10 Instagram Tools In 2021

Here’s stating that the many practical Instagram tools on this list can address your various problems. The tools are skillfully developed to boost your business positioning in the market for better sales through direct Instagram publishing for analyzing your posts.

#1 Combin

Combine Instagram marketing Tool

Here’s beginning the list of practical Instagram tools for 2021 with Combin. This tool is well known for providing genuine assistance in developing your follower strength, analysis, and engagement. It’s worth mentioning that Combin growth relies on machine learning to analyze and identify indifferent accounts with posts.

For a comprehensive understanding, Combin Growth encourages users to communicate with their audience, penetrate newer demographics to attract fresh Instagram followers, track activity and growth, research relevant and best hashtags and competitors.

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#2 Hootsuite

Hootsuite Instagram Scheduling

In number two, there’s Hootsuite- effective social media management and marketing tool that helps companies with unlimited scheduling for their content publishing plans. This Instagram tool encourages the user to schedule Instagram posts for timely publishing to the proper channels. There’s no denying that Hootsuite allows the user to track the effectiveness of their content in real-time.

It’s essential to mention that the Hootsuite free plan offers the option of posting media content from their platform directly to Instagram. Therefore content scheduling becomes much easy with Hootsuite while it also contributes to saving time and drive engagements. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that the tool also facilitates using multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously for innovative marketing executions.

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#3 Kapwing

Kapwing Insta Video Editor

Up next, it’s Kapwing that supports both creative professionals and casual creators for online image and video editing. When you bring Kapwing onto the table, you empower your whole team to develop multimedia content with accessible, quick, and collaborative software. Additionally, the user can save time on mundane chores such as making collages, subtitling, photo editing, bug reports and screencast videos, annotating images, and more.

It’s worth mentioning that Kapwing video trimmer encourages the user to develop thrilling Instagram videos within just a few clicks. The easy-to-use features and functionalities ensure that any first-timer will not need to undergo long-winded tutorials. Moreover, their universal suitability on devices makes Kapwing a genuine go-getter.

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#4 Foursixty

Foursixty Instagram Tool

It’s vital to establish that posting images can only take you so much when you intend to market your business on Instagram. Therefore the next best option is to count on sharing user-generated content (UGC). This will allow you to exhibit your brand convincingly from a customer’s perspective.

However, it’s also worth mentioning that collecting user-generated content is extremely tough. Hence you must get Foursixty to simplify the process. With Foursixty by your side, you will be able to curate genuine content generated by the most desirable creators. Furthermore, the tool also provides tremendous support in automating rights requests. This will essentially allow the user to gain permits for using other users’ content in paid or organic campaigns.

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#5 Kicksta

Kicksta Instagram Growth Tool

Simply put, Kicksta is an Instagram marketing that strictly functions to provide commercial companies with followers. Taking the usual route, the user will have to visit accounts to like and follow them to gain followers in return. There’s no denying that the process is tremendously time-consuming with a significantly low return on investment.

This is where Kicksta Instagram can help you change the game to improve your market position with significantly high follower strength online. The tool allows users to search rival profiles and tags to identify a target audience. Additionally, the superior AI technology available in this program makes it convenient for the user to fine-tune their strategy.

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#6 Upleap

Upleap Insta Account Tool

When it comes to Upleap, it’s essential to mention that the tool has been skillfully designed as an Instagram growth platform that pairs the user with a dedicated account manager. This practical tool uses the time to their client’s user requirement on the web. Upleap is an innovative medium for smart targeting that provides an essential boost in engagement. It’s worth mentioning that they don’t charge for views or likes. On the contrary, it’s their account manager that represents your interest in Instagram.

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#7 Linktr

Linktr Instagram Link Connector

There’s no denying that Linktr is the ultimate solution to Instagram’s policy of no hyperlinks on content posts. The tool provides a short link that the user can integrate into the bio. This can further direct the user to a particular web page containing a list of the user’s desired active links. This list can then act as a gateway for the audience to explore the available content.

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#8 Socialrank

SocialRank Instagram Analyze Tool

Slightly different from the most names on this list, Socialrank is an effective tool that provides detailed audience metrics- for both Instagram and Twitter. While Instagram analytics can yield performance metrics on published content, SocialRank stands apart due to its skillset for identifying follower patterns. This ultimately improves the content updates and recovers deleted tweets (internal link) for the audience.

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#9 Canva

Canva Photo Editing Tool for Instagram

Undoubtedly, Canva is one of the very few tools that can effortlessly suit both creator and business. It’s worth mentioning that the many innovative features in Canva make it the perfect tool for developing graphics and templates for Instagram stories. Additionally, Canva can also be your immediate solution for designing unique brand logos.

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#10 Repost

RepostApp Repost Tool on Instagram

Lastly, it’s time for one of the most popular Instagram marketing tools available on the internet. Repost has earned widespread appreciation for enabling brands to share user-generated content. Instagram is filled with users putting up pictures of themselves with some brand’s product or services. This is where the brands can leverage that user-generated content for marketing purposes with Repost.

There’s no surprise that the internet is filled with numerous Instagram marketing tools, given that the said platform has a massive 25 million business profiles to date. These tools have been strategically developed to provide genuine assistance to the users to remain relevant among the audience.

There’s no denying that each of these Instagram marketing tools has its respective pros and cons. Hence it would be paramount to consider all aspects carefully before making the ultimate decision.

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