TOP 10 Best Free PC Cleaner Software for Windows

Have you ever wondered that a little PC cleaner software can make your PC to work at an incredibly efficient speed? And wouldn’t it be fascinating for you to know that you can now have ten free best PC cleaner Softwares for windows?

A PC cleaner helps to prevent your system from all kinds of viruses or unwanted files and caches that might hinder the performance of a system. PC cleaner detects the threats and prevents the system from their harmful effects. It fights the viruses which attack your PC and keeps it as sound as possible.

So, it is essential to consider the quality of the PC cleaners that you are introducing to your system.

Best Free PC Cleaner Software for Windows

#1 Things to consider before buying Best Free PC Cleaner software:

  • Check the Hidden Costs – You must see that if there is any hidden cost as many software has both free and paid versions. So, be aware of the cost of the version you are interested in.
  • Check reviews – Look at the reviews given by the users. You must follow the reasons for their negative and positive reviews.
  • Check Features – Look at the features offered by it as it would help you know whether or not the cleaner is up to the demands and needs of your system.
  • Check Technical Support – You should see if the software provides technical support or not. Choose the ones with the technical backing as they are more authentic.

#2 Best free PC cleaner software for Windows 2020-Top ten lists

Following is the list of the ten best PC Cleaner Softwares which can help you to work on your system more effectively by the efficiency of their productivity.

#1 Iobit Advanced SystemCare Free

It guarantees a safer PC by protecting your system from harmful files and ensures online security. Following Specifications makes it prominent in the world of PC cleaners.

Iobit Advanced SystemCare Free

#1 Specifications:

? Quick threat detection.
? Anti-cryptocurrency mining.
? Latest Iobit mallard database.
? Protects against malicious behaviour.
? Block pop-up ads.
? Improves homepage.
? Improves DNS protection.

#2 Conclusion:

Having this cleaner in your PC would guard it against all the unwanted bugs. It might be a perfect match for you if you are prioritizing online security.

#3 Pros and cons:

? Ultimate security.
? Free of cost.
? Improves system operation.

? Limited features.

#2 Comodo PC TuneUp:

Comodo PC tune-up is a windows cleaner that tunes up your PC by optimizing its performance. Following specifications would elaborate its ability to ensure the safety of the system.

Comodo PC TuneUp

#1 Specifications:

? It resolves critical windows issues.
? Restores default values when needed.
? Eliminates unwanted files.
? Disable unnecessary startups.
? Detects and repair file registry problems.

#2 Conclusion:

This software is compatible as a PC cleaner for windows 10 and 20 also. It helps in finding a duplicate file in windows 10 or any other window it is installed in and removes that junk. It’s very prominent in cleaning the unnecessary files or startups, and so it improves the efficiency of the system.

#3 Pros and cons:

? Versatile compatibility.
? Restores default data.
? Highly rated.

? Lacks Webcam protection.

#3 Piriform CCleaner:

It is one of the best free PC cleaners and is compatible with many devices. It also acts as an advanced Mac Cleaner as well as windows cleaner.

Piriform CCleaner

#1 Specifications:

Following are its specifications that can help users on several things:
? Saves time and energy.
? Access from anywhere through cloud solutions.
? Centrally cleans.
? Make things faster.
? Protects privacy.

#2 Conclusion:

Piriform CCleaners is a computer cleaning software which ultimately optimizes them and makes them secure and safe. It is vast for its compatibility with a large number of devices.

#3 Pros and cons:

• Automatic updates.
• Cleanups are scheduled.
• Takes significantly less space

? No ability to delete the batch.

#4 Ashampoo WinOptimizer:

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is the best free PC cleaner 2020. It is a system accelerator and is very compatible as a Windows 10 backup software as it is very efficient while operating on windows 10 and possesses file recovery

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

#1 Specifications:

? Customizable.
? Free up memory.
? Speed up startups.
? Protects privacy.
? File recovery.
? Internet tuner.

#2 Conclusion:

It is a free PC cleaner which optimizes the device with it’s remarkable and advanced features. Users of Windows 10 must go for it as it is featured mainly for windows 10.

#3 Pros and cons:

? Possess system scanning.
? Automatic repairments.

? Over featured for average users.

#5 Norton Utilities:

Norton Utilities is a computer cleaner that helps to optimize your PC, especially when you have installed high-demanding apps to make sure that you have a smooth gaming and streaming or editorial sessions.

Norton Utilities

#1 Specifications:

Following are the exciting specifications which make Norton utilities to line up as top ten best PC cleaners:

? Automatically optimizes.
? Cleans and speeds up.
? Removes unwanted programs.
? Frees up space.
? Ensures personal security.

#2 Conclusion:

This PC cleaner helps to keep your PC healthier and secure. It provides with several improvements to its users and works while the PC is idle.

#3 Pros and cons:

? Premium performance.
? Efficient in fixing errors.

? Limited features.

#6 AVG PC TuneUp:

To increase your PC’s life span and efficiency, you must go for AVG PC tune-up. It is one of the best PC cleaner software. Following specifications would justify the statement.


#1 Specifications:

? Automatic maintenance.
? Speeds up windows.
? Uninstall the unwanted software.
? Remove junk files.
? Free up space.
? Update programs automatically.
? 7. Sleep mode technology.
? 8. Boost performance.

#2 Conclusion:

This computer cleaning software fixes the PC with its advanced optimizers. It is a power booster and gives more power to your computer than you could ever dream about.

#3 Pros and cons:

? Easy to use.
? System repairment at one click.
? Saves battery span.

? Overly featured for average users.

#7 iolo System Mechanic:

I’ll system mechanic is a PC optimizer that tunes up the PC by removing all the harmful and unwanted files from your PC through its noticeable functionality. It keeps the PC fit and fine.

iolo System Mechanic

#1 Specifications:

? Boosts speed.
? Removes bloatware.
? Unleashes Internet speed.
? Repairs issues.
? Security.
? Cleans up useless stuff.

#2 Conclusion:

It makes the system to perform at high speed by removing the useless clutter. It is very compatible with repairing different issues and making your PC’s system more secure.

#3 Pros and cons:

? Malware blockage.
? Usage is easy.
? Effective tuning and repairing.

? Tricky to understand the software.

#8 Glary Utilities:

It is the best free computer cleaner that helps to make your PC more efficient and more powerful in its performance. It provides you with smoothness while you are working or playing on your computers.

Glary Utilities

#1 Specifications:

? Boosts up PC’s speed.
? Fixes errors.
? Crashes and freezes issues.
? One-click functionality.
? Automated options.
? Maximize performance

#2 Conclusion:

Glary utilities prevent it’s users from frustration while they are operating their systems. It is one of the most popular PC cleaners which is used by a large number of users worldwide.

#3 Pros and cons:

? All in one premium software.
? Compatible with Windows 7 too.
? Excellent word and data processing performance.

? Needs an additional software for installation.

#9 Razer Cortex:

Razer Cortex is one of the most prominent and popular solutions for fixing your PC’s system. It does not increases your game’s efficiency but boosts up the system entirely.

Razer Cortex

#1 Specifications:

Following are the features that make it in the top ten list of best PC cleaners.
? Cleans junk files.
? Makes more space.
? Primed for gaming.
? Perfect for daily use.
? Discovers new games.
? Device optimization.

#2 Conclusion:

Razer Cortex is designed to help gamers out in the world for efficient performance. It additionally helps your entire system to reach its full potential. It is very much recommendable to install and makes your gaming life smoother and more enjoyable.

#3 Pros and cons:

? It is user friendly.
? Free of cost.

? Unable to install Malware.
? FPS not reliable.

#10 Easy PC Optimizer:

Easy PC optimizer makes it easy for its users to get rid of the junk that can make the system slow and damaged through easy and simple clicks.

Easy PC Optimizer

#1 Specifications:

Following are the specifications of Easy PC Optimizer which makes it possible for it to impress its users.
? Repairs.
? Cleans up.
? Improves performance.
? Protects privacy.
? 5. Free to use.
? 6. Frees up space.
? 7. Improves speed.

#2 Conclusion:

This PC cleaner reaches out its users on a large number and makes their life carefree from slow systems. It provides to work efficiently at a faster speed on computers.

#3 Pros and cons:

? Modified design.
? Easy to use.

? Frequent slow scans.

#3 Final Verdict

Many users without PC cleaners feel frustrated while operating their PC and are suffering due to a sluggish PC system. The list mentioned above is compiled to make you meet your dreamy performance on your system.

All the PC cleaners are with well-defined designs to make their users feel comfortable and smoother for working or playing on the computer and also other devices. Privacy, fast speed, updated and junk-free systems are the top priorities for almost every technology users, so all the PC cleaner softwares mentioned above meet these demands and needs of the PC users.

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