TOP 5 Best Cloud Monitoring Tools for Performance

Cloud monitoring is one of the essential tools for data monitoring. It uses manual and automated tools to monitor, access, and accomplish the cloud computing plan, service station, and structure.

Nowadays, more and more organization are transferring the structure to the cloud. Hence there is more and more rise in the tools that manage cloud monitoring and managing.

This best list of cloud monitoring tools is too much helpful and beneficial for the industries to make the process effortless and distribute unbreakable service to the end-user.

#1 Best Cloud Monitoring Tools

#1 AppDynamics

Cisco Systems acquired AppDynamics in 2007. It is cloud base monitoring tool that accesses application performance and accelerates operations shift. With this application, you maximize all-over control and improve visibility of the cloud application. You can see the best application control over the cloud applications in crucial IaaS/PaaS platforms such as Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Microsoft Azure, and AWS. AppDynamics is one of the tough competitors with other tools application management solutions such as Datadog, SolarWinds, and New Relic.

The software allows the users to learn the cloud application for the best business transaction and code level. It can effortlessly adapt to the infrastructure environment and software. Even after the acquisition of Cisco System, this tool has improved its capabilities to the next level.


  • Real-time monitoring of a corporate transaction
  • Full visibility of application performance
  • Quickest inject complications


  • Limited language support
  • Set up needs extra needs
  • You need proper training to understand the dashboard

#2 CA UIM (CA Technologies)

CA technology is another name that provides cloud management and monitoring solution for the enterprise level. It is a cloud-based server solution which has strong capabilities. You can optimize the overall aspects of your business’s public, private, and hybrid cloud. It provides database monitoring, virtualization, and servers. The tool can do anything for you like secure the operations, application performance across the board, etc.

With quality enhancement and cost reduction, the system is easy to use. CA technologies provide a great solution and a perfect fit for your business.


  • Introduce great method and purpose for the web interface
  • The configuration is easy, and the distribution of probes are dragged and drop
  • Scalable and easy to use


  • Node management is not that much effective
  • Require more customizations
  • Also, require the inventory management enhancement

#3 Amazon Cloudwatch

Amazon Web Services can monitor the cloud resources and applications that are running on Amazon EC2 instance, and other AWS resources like Amazon RDS DB instances and Amazon EBS volumes. With this tool, you can store large files, view graphs and statistics, set the alarm, and monitor or react to the changes in AWS resource.

Amazon Cloudwatch gives a complete insight into your system’s health and performance. With this application operations, you can use the information to optimize the system performance. You do not have to add any extra software to use this tool. Multi-cloud management strategies have a good practice.

It is an excellent habit to have multi-cloud management strategies. Amazon Cloudwatch gives you covered in case of incidences like 2017 when it went dark.


  • Can visualize logs, set a high-resolution alarm, and shows metrics sideways
  • Troubleshooting issues improve the applications and automatic activity enhance the performance
  • Collect the data in the form of metrics, events, and logs
  • Assimilates with further AWS product


  • Customization of the dashboard needs some enhancement
  • The interface is a bit of clumsy
  • Manual assembly of alerts and alarms
  • No presence of alarm and alert information transferring

#4 New Relic

New Relic aims is the next name in the list of cloud monitoring software. It can manage complex and changing cloud application and infrastructure effectively. It will show you how effective your application is working. It shows real-time data and useful insights on your dashboard. Now, isolate and resolve issues in advance and quickly. You can scale your operation with usage.

Whether it is web-based, server-based, or mobile-based application, the system’s algorithm considers many processes and optimization factors. New Relic put all your data on one dashboard to get a clear picture of all aspect of the cloud. Some known name which uses New Relic is Comcast, GitHub, and EA.


  • Flexible and quick installation
  • The detail and depth of the information are excellent
  • Compatible with various tools
  • Can create alert metrics


  • At the beginning the metrics are confusing
  • The application needs a more enhanced form

#5 PagerDuty

The last name in our list id PagerDuty. This tool gives the user a comprehensive insight for all the aspects of the customer experience. You can easily and quickly track the error in advance with this enterprise-level incident management and reporting tool.

Various tracking system connects seamlessly and gives broader visibility and advanced analytics. With PagerDuty, you can access the issues quickly and resolve it within seconds.

This tool is famous among the IT teams and DevOps who want to do advanced analysis and automated incidence solution tools. With this cloud monitoring tool, you will notice a reduction in the cloud system incident. What there are fewer errors, your workplace becomes your happy place.


  • Has easy incorporation for numerous other services that are used with New Relic and AWS
  • Easily achieve alert plans, on-call plans and contact info
  • Slack incorporation is also excellent
  • Industrial-scale event responsibility
  • Industrialize event response.


  • Needs improvement in search for persons on call, it could be easier
  • Doesn’t have the ability to hold several settings across different teams
  • It requires the choice to view the previous incident

#2 Conclusion

It is all about the best Top cloud monitoring tools. This tools will help you to improve the security of your cloud network. If you are still not considering the importance of cloud management, then wake up. It’s time to choose the right tool for you.

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