TOP 10 Best Android Video Editor in 2023

Best Android Video Editor: Smartphones have grown so powerful with the best android video editor apps that most people no longer purchase a DSLR camera for photography. People are seeking the best mobile video editing apps. Most of the applications will work great if you only want to conduct simple editing for your Instagram post, vlogging, or YouTube videos.

New video editing applications are released every week on the Google Play store. It may be difficult to determine which apps offer the sophisticated capabilities you want and which ones fall short.

With smartphones becoming ever more advanced, video editing on mobile devices is becoming a growing trend. Android users have access to an array of video editing apps; but which ones will be the best in 2023? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top 10 best Android video editors of 2023 and examine what sets them apart from their rivals.

Best Android Video Editor Reviews

#1 Features to Consider for Best Android Video Editor

Before we look at the top 10, it’s essential to understand the criteria used to select these applications. These factors included:

User Interface – An intuitive and straightforward user interface is essential for an enjoyable video editing experience.

Features – An effective video editing app should provide users with a comprehensive set of features to produce high-quality videos.

Price – The cost of an app, whether it’s a one-time purchase or subscription-based, is an important consideration for many users.

Availability – The app should be available to download on both Google Play Store and other platforms.

User Reviews – Reviews from other users are an integral factor when selecting an app. We carefully considered user ratings, the number of reviews, and the quality of feedback to make our decision.

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#2 Best Android Video Editor in 2023

So, here is a list of the best android video editor in 2023.

#1 FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo Video Editor

FilmoraGo is the finest video editing app to edit films on Android if you’re searching for a basic and easy-to-use video editor. The app’s UI is simple and intuitive, and it includes all of the necessary editing tools. FilmoraGo also includes a lot of templates to help you make a film quickly.

#1 Features

• Cut and trim a video. Pro video trimmer and cutter, as well as video editing software.
• Crop and export video in HD quality and fit your video and images to any aspect ratio.
• No watermarks or advertisements in VIP upgrade.

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#2 Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premier Rush Video Editor

Adobe premiere rush features a simple drag-and-drop interface for quickly adding titles, background music, overlays, and other video effects. The platform’s multi-track timeline allows you to edit numerous clips and movies simultaneously, making it perfect for picture-in-picture and split-screen effects.

#1 Features

Adobe video editing app has a built-in professional camera that allows you to shoot high-quality material straight from the app and begin video editing right away.
• Add music to your videos with royalty-free original soundtracks, effects, and loops.
• Use several video tracks for stunning effects like picture-in-picture and split-view.

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#3 KineMaster

KineMaster Video Editor

KineMaster download is available in the Google Play store and is a video editing app with many features. It includes a multitasked timeline with complete drag-and-drop functionality. It also has a lot of video editing features and a lot of tools for increasing video quality.

#1 Features

• Frame-by-frame cropping and Tools to cut, splice, and crop your videos
• Use reversing, speeding up, adding slow-mo, and blending modes to create astonishing visual effects.
• Add motion to the video layers with the keyframe animation tool

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#4 PowerDirector

PowerDirector Video Editor

Cyberlink PowerDirector, the Editors’ Choice, is the greatest all-in-one video editor. This fantastic software has many tools that allow you to create the ideal film from beginning to end. We cannot think of a better choice for enthusiasts or amateurs looking to make professional-level movies at such a low price.

#1 Features

• It enables quick and easy video editing
• It comes with great transition options
• Almost everything you need is on one screen, and you only need to configure a few things.

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#5 Viva Video Editor

Viva Video Editor

VivaVideo is a video editing app, image slideshow maker, movie, and Instagram editor app that is among the best. Your video will have a watermark and a limited duration limit if you use the free VivaVideo. It has many video editing tools, like cut, crop, combine, reverse, copy, paste, etc.

#1 Features

• Add transitions to videos, add music to videos, merge video clips, and lengthen films.
• A variety of video editing effects, including seamless transitions between segments and a glitch video effect.
• Add custom clips or photographs to your film as overlays

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#6 Actiondirector Video Editor

ActionDirector Video Editor

The Ultra HD 4K video editor in ActionDirector allows you to edit videos on your mobile device the same way you would on a desktop. Slow-motion and speed edits intensify simple slider, while action movie effects highlight critical moments. You may also use video effects like repeat and rewind to make the perfect video.

#1 Features

• After you’ve finished recording, you can jump right into editing with a video maker.
• With fine speed controls, you can highlight the action in slow motion and fast motion.
• There are over a dozen transitions available for you to use in your videos.

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#7 Funimate Video Editor

Funimate Video Editor

Funimate is a popular video editing tool for inexperienced video editors that require a wide range of functions. Because it has more features than the TikTok editing platform, this software is frequently used by TikTok users to modify their one-minute movies.

#1 Features

• Awe-inspiring edit transitions that you may apply with a single press! It has the most impressive video transitions to impress your audience.
• When it comes to making your videos stand out, you’re not limited to the effects.
• With a single click, you can alter the background of your films and add stunning mask effects!

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#8 VideoShow Video Editor

VideoShow Video Editor

VideoShow is a free video editor that allows you to build videos in seconds. All you have to do is select a theme and add movies or photographs from your phone’s gallery, and the app will automatically produce a film with music for you.

#1 Features

• It’s a useful video editing graphics software and movie scene maker for both professionals and amateurs.
• With a few simple steps, you can edit the video.
• Convert video to music and extract clear audio from any video.

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#9 Film Maker Pro

Film Maker Pro Video Editor

Another great video editing application for both beginners and pros is Film Maker Pro. The user interface is simple to use, and it includes a timeline editor in the classic style.

#1 Features

• This app gives you step-by-step instructions on editing videos and becoming an MV master in no time.
• A humorous video editor that includes prepared emoji, sound effects, and post effects.
• Aim for professional-quality animation with your motion graphics.

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#10 Youcut Video Editor

YouCut Video Editor

Another favorite free Android video editor app is YouCut. The app’s interface is simple. You may also edit and render videos at a resolution of 4K. YouCut is also one of the few watermark-free video editing tools available.

#1 Features

• Free video maker with music and photographs, professional video editing app, combine photos to make a slideshow
• YouCut, as a free YouTube video editor and music video maker, will never apply a watermark on your video.
• For special moments, slow down your video.

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#3 FAQ’s

What are the best Android video editors in 2023?

In 2023, the top 10 Android video editors include FilmoraGo, KineMaster, PowerDirector, Adobe Premiere Rush, InShot, Quik, Funimate, VivaVideo, Magisto, and VideoShow.

Which Android video editor is best for beginners?

If you’re a beginner, we recommend using FilmoraGo or Quik as they both offer simple and easy-to-use interfaces that are perfect for those who are just starting with video editing.

What features should I look for in an Android video editor?

When choosing an Android video editor, look for features such as multiple video and audio tracks, transitions, special effects, text overlays, and the ability to export in different formats and resolutions.

Are there any free Android video editors worth using?

Yes, there are many free Android video editors that are worth using, including InShot, Quik, Funimate, and VivaVideo. However, keep in mind that free versions may have limited features or include watermarks.

#4 Conclusion

So there you have it: the top ten Android free video editor applications in 2023. All of the apps are simple to use and are available in both free and paid versions.

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