TOP 7 Best 3D File Converter In September 2022

The finest 3D file converter allows converting proprietary 3D file formats to other file formats that may be used in other straightforward and quick programs. The variety of file formats has grown in tandem with the number of software tools for producing 3D files. In addition, the number of standards in use has grown as neutral file formats designed to function with all major 3D software tools have emerged.

Best 3D File Converter Reviews

#1 What is 3D File Converter?

With so many file formats circulating, anyone working with 3D design software, animations, or 3D printers needs a dependable file conversion tool. It would be excellent to have a tool that can convert between many main proprietary or neutral formats and the STL format required by 3D printers.

#2 Best 3D File Converter In 2021

We’ll show you seven of the finest 3D file converters available today in this post to help you get rid of 3D file problems.

#1 Spin 3D File Converter Software

Spin 3D File Converter Software

Spin 3D File Converter is one of the most reliable, user-friendly, and feature-rich 3D mesh converters on the market. Spin 3D is the quickest and most user-friendly 3D model conversion program available. It also caters to a diverse range of conversion requirements. You can only convert a restricted number of file formats. There are just six of them. In addition to STL and OBJ, spin 3D now supports 3DP and 3DX outputs.

#1 Pros

• Convert 3D files in minutes after downloading
• The one-click file conversion procedure is quick and straightforward
• Batch conversion allows you to convert numerous files at once
• Accepts 45 different input types
• Before converting, check the input and output

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#2 Mesh Convert 3D Model Converter

MeshConvert 3D Model Converter

This is the first software, a free online platform for converting 3D models to STL files. It can handle a broad range of file types, from STL to PLY. Mesh Converter is simple to use and has no more features than file conversion, but it is an excellent option if you only want to convert your 3D file quickly and for free.

#1 Pros

• Free to use
• Supports 37 input file types
Online converter tool for ease of use
• Can convert files hosted online
• Not for solid geometry files but just for mesh files

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#3 Online CAD Converter

Online CAD Converter

When you hear the term “online CAD converter,” you probably think of something like that: an online converter for your CAD files. Everything is free, and you may convert SLDPRT, STEP, SKP, X T, JT, OBJ, STL, 3DS, IPT, 3D PDF, CATIA, and many other formats. CAD software

Stl files, graphical formats, and neutral formats are all supported. This curriculum provides a variety of options. You can convert one file for free, but after that, each file will cost 1€. The size limit of the file is 100 KB.

A tool that employs the OLE format to convert files from any file format, such as Microsoft Office, Corel Draw, and Paint Shop Pro, into a CAD file is known as an online CAD converter.

#1 Pros

• You can upload file size for up to 100Mb
• Supports a variety of CAD files
• Can handle batch conversions
• You can convert one file for free, and a modest fee is charged after that

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#4 SketchUp

SketchUp 3D File Converter

SketchUp is a piece of software that transforms STL files to a variety of different formats. These file converters were created by expert users who thoroughly tested them on a variety of operating systems. It has a user interface that is simple to understand and is quite effective at converting STL files to a suitable format. With the aid of built-in capabilities, users may also shape, resize, and build any 3D object.

#1 Pros

• Design delightfully and collaborate clearly
• Ease of super-smart 3D modeling software
• More than hundreds of extensions that have been properly designed are available at your fingertips
• Free to use image resizer

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#5 i3D Converter

i3DCoverter 3D File Converter

Look no farther than an i3D converter if you need a single 3D file converter that can handle every file type. This desktop program supports more than 760 file types. Although not all of them are supported for both input and output, many of them are. As a result, this file converting program is far more flexible than any other utility available. With i3DConverterStl, you can quickly convert your model into a digital asset such as a picture or an animation.

#1 Pros

• supports 760 file formats
• batch conversion module
• built-in file viewer
• from the command line, you may access the site
• software is packed with various features

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#6 Online 3D Model Converter

Online 3D Model Converter

Easily convert between multiple file formats for 3D. It’s incredibly simple to use if you want to modify STL files, especially if you only want to resize or change some parts of your 3D model. It considers all of the difficulties that you could encounter with your file. These software tools will help you to fix your file so that it is ready for additive manufacturing.

#1 Pros

• free to use and free download is available
• At a time, you may upload a maximum of five files
• wide variety of output formats
YouTube to MP3 Converter

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#7 CAD Exchanger

CAD Exchanger 3D File Converter

CAD Exchanger is also a DATA translation program. Many file types may be converted to or from STL, including OBJ, 3DM, BREP, and STL. This 3D model converter is available for free download, and you can then upload your files to have them converted. One of the advantages of utilizing this CAD program is that it allows users to modify the text, rotate, flip, and resize pictures while converting one file type to another.

#1 Pros

• Sectioning, explode views modes
• Revamped UI design
• Flexible view capabilities
• Display measurement information

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#3 Conclusion

Those who work with STL files daily are well aware of the benefits of using the finest STL file converter. SLT files may be converted to other 3D formats and vice versa with such software. Even though the STL format is generally recognized for 3D printing, fast prototyping, and computer-assisted manufacturing, there are times when you’ll need to convert such files. As a result, these seven 3D file converters will undoubtedly assist you in achieving the finest possible result.

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